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Author of Books Exercise Diabetes | Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs

Dr. Sheri Colberg's website containing information on exercise & diabetes.  
Dr. Sheri Colberg
Author, Lecturer, Researcher, Professor, Exercise
Physiologist, and Expert on Exercise, Diabetes, & More!

NEW: Offered through Diabetes Motion:

  • Created and launched in Fall 2014 by Dr. Sheri Colberg, Diabetes Motion is a new web site designed to provide practical guidance about blood glucose management to anyone who wants to be physically active with diabetes. Join the Motion Revolution and get your Diabetes in Motion!

    Whether you’re new to exercise or a sports enthusiast, diabetes can get in the way of being physically active. Learn how to catch the next wave. Get guidance on what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, how to manage your diabetes safely and effectively when you're in motion.

  • Offered through Lifelong Exercise Institute:

  • Find out your Fitness IQ with our simple, easy fitness quiz. Are you an expert or a novice?

  • Free e-mail delivery of 5 Healthy Living Reports on physical activity myths demystified, easy weight loss tips, eating healthy on a budget, easy core exercises you can do at home, and assessing how well you're aging.

  • "Fit Brain, Fit Body!" Programs--Highly motivational fitness & lifestyle programs delivered to your e-mail inbox for less than a dollar a week for a full year! If you have diabetes, check out the Diabetes "Fit Brain, Fit Body!" programs (available for 13, 26, or 52 weeks) to start receiving your level-specific fitness plans, weekly fitness and healthy living tips, cutting-edge nutrition information, blood sugar management tips, and much more. Visit the Lifelong Exercise Institute web site to watch the introductory video for more program information.

  • Dr. Sheri has authored 10 books and more than 275 articles on exercise, diabetes, healthy lifestyles, fitness, nutrition, aging, weight loss, diabetic Latinos, and more.

    If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes or just want to get healthier, you've come to the right place. Dr. Sheri has been living well with diabetes since 1968, and she researches it. Read more about the secret to her success with diabetes, or learn more about her professional experience.

    This site has many articles and online exercise columns, but you can also visit Dr. Sheri's exercise blog to find more information on a variety of topics, including nutrition and medications.

    Check out Dr. Sheri's latest books:

  • The Diabetes Breakthrough: A Scientifically Proven Plan to Lose Weight and Cut Medications (2014)
  • Exercise and Diabetes: A Clinician's Guide to Prescribing Physical Activity (2013)
  • Diabetes-Free Kids (2012 edition, updated and expanded)
  • Diabetes? No Problema!: A Latino's Guide to Living Well with Diabetes (2009)
  • Diabetic Athlete's Handbook: Your Guide to Peak Performance (2009)
  • Matt Hoover's Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight: Winner of "The Biggest Loser"(2008)

  • Read an article in USA Today about Dr. Sheri's book, 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes.

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