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The ultimate guide for the diabetic exerciser - including specific advice and real athlete examples for more than 85 sports and activities!

The Diabetic Athlete

Prescriptions for Exercise and Sports
Human Kinetics, 2001

About The Diabetic Athlete (2001): Have you ever had to sacrifice training or competing because of your diabetes? If you have, or if you just never want to be put in that situation, The Diabetic Athlete is just what you've been looking for. Inside this helpful guide you'll find detailed advice on blood sugar regulation, medication, and nutrition for 73 sports and activities.

Written by Dr. Sheri Colberg, a diabetic athlete with a PhD in exercise physiology, this book draws on the experiences of hundreds of diabetic athletes to provide the best advice for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Specific insulin advice is included for NPH and lente, ultralente, and pump users. And profiles of elite and amateur athletes, from golf to scuba diving, show how they cope-and thrive-in their different environments.

No other book gives so many sport-specific recommendations to help you safely and fully pursue the activities you enjoy. With Dr. Colberg's advice you'll feel better than ever while training for fitness and sport performance.

Reviews of The Diabetic Athlete:
”The Diabetic Athlete underscores the fact that exercise is critical to the person with diabetes. The book is designed for the active person with diabetes and the health care provider. The first part provides a basic understanding of the diabetic athlete’s response to exercise and sports. The second part provides suggestions for and examples of how diabetic athletes prepare for and respond to exercise-induced changes in blood glucose.”
Al Lewis, PhD, Former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association (DESA)

“ A practical and thoughtful book that will be helpful for individuals with diabetes who want to safely enjoy exercise. Dr. Sheri Colberg is an exercise scientist with special expertise in diabetes.”
David E. Kelley, Former Director of Univ. of Pittsburgh Obesity and Nutrition Research Center

Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese translations (2003).

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