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The key for every person with diabetes or prediabetes to live a long, healthy, and fit life without ever worrying about dieting again!

The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan
Living Well and Being Fit with Diabetes, No Matter Your Weight
Marlowe & Company, 2006

Foreword by Dr. Anne Peters, Author of Conquering Diabetes

The latest, horrifying health statistics are in: A diabetes epidemic is currently overwhelming the United States and the world and is expected to expand rapidly in the coming decades. Furthermore, kids born today have a one-in-three chance (or greater) of developing diabetes in their lifetime. Most of the 25.8 million Americans currently living with diabetes have been advised by their doctors or others that weight loss is essential for them to control their condition and stay healthy. However, the vast majority of dieters fail miserably at dieting, ultimately regaining the pounds they manage to lose. At least 79 million more people (most of whom are overweight) have prediabetes, an insulin-resistant state that puts them next in line to develop the potentially debilitating health condition known as type 2 diabetes.

The latest research confirms, though, that diabetic people do not have to lose significant amounts of body fat to be healthy. In fact, people who continually lose and regain large amount of weight frequently end up fatter than ever, and with a greater risk of developing heart disease. Recent studies show that 90 minutes of weekly exercise alone reduces insulin resistance, independently of calorie restriction and/or weight loss!

While others erroneously continue to focus on unrealistic expectations of weight loss as the best way to achieve control of diabetes, The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan is the only book on the market that effectively guides you to achieve a healthy body despite having excess body fat and diabetes or prediabetes – primarily by becoming physically fit.

Written in a manner that anyone can easily understand and relate to, The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan covers the basics relating to the prevention, reversal, and control of diabetes through fitness. Some of the topics covered are as follows:
  • How to be fit and healthy, even if you have diabetes or prediabetes and still overweight
  • What it means to be physically “fit”
  • Physical activities that are most beneficial to health and diabetes control and prevention
  • Strategies for increasing structured and unstructured physical activity
  • Control of blood sugars and diabetic complications with physical activity
  • The role of nutrition in fitness
  • Nutritional strategies to accentuate fitness
  • Emotional fitness and exercise
  • The role of medications and supplements in the treatment of diabetes
  • Motivational tips for the achievement of lifelong fitness
  • No other book currently on the market specifically focuses on the role of fitness in living well with diabetes or prediabetes rather than weight loss – even though the latest research supports this concept. The result of Dr. Colberg’s many years of professional and personal involvement with diabetes, physical activity, and nutritional issues, The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan is an invaluable resource that will appeal to anyone with diabetes or the millions of others at risk for developing the condition.

    Watch a short interview with Dr. Sheri Colberg discussing The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan

    Reviews of The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan:

    ”A must for all people with type 2 diabetes who want to take control of their disease...Its practical program of diet and physical exercise will help everyone who has diabetes or is at risk for diabetes improve their health.”
    Richard S. Surwit, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center, Author of The Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution

    ” The important message from this book is that losing weight may not be the panacea it was once thought to be for people with type 2 diabetes. In fact, becoming fit may have a greater effect on your blood glucose control than losing weight...Colberg, an exercise physiologist, explains this in detail and then gives useful tips on how to work more exercise into your daily regimen, how to exercise, and how to stay motivated to exercise.”
    Gretchen Becker, Author of The First Year - Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes: What You Need to Know to Keep Diabetes Away

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