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The Diabetes Breakthrough

The Diabetes Breakthrough

A Scientifically Proven Plan to Lose Weight and Cut Medications
Harlequin Nonfiction/Harvard Health Publications, 2014

Co-written with Dr. Osama Hamdy of Harvard Medical School, this book is based on the Joslin Diabetes Center’s successful and proven “Why WAIT” program. With this groundbreaking book, you can lose weight for good, cut medications, and finally reclaim your health--in just 12 weeks!

Who would ever have imagined that the often relentless progression of a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes can be stopped or reversed? Or that you can reduce your diabetes medications even if you’ve been taking multiple ones for a long time, including insulin? The good news for you—and the rapidly expanding number of people with type 2 diabetes worldwide—is that it is finally imaginable and definitely possible, and the program outlined in this book is the key to making it happen.

Dr. Hamdy is at the forefront of cutting-edge research conducted at the Joslin Diabetes Center, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. For the first time, he shares those scientific breakthroughs in a usable and doable step-by-step program. And with the professionally formulated exercise plans fine-tuned by Dr. Sheri Colberg, an exercise physiologist and renowned diabetes fitness expert, you’ll not only get results, but keep them.

The Diabetes Breakthrough is based on the Joslin Diabetes Center's successful and proven Why WAIT program. In that program, Dr. Hamdy has helped hundreds of patients:

1. Break free from the pill bottle. It is possible to cut your medications by 50-60% — or even stop them altogether!

2. Stop fearing the scale. Learn how to safely lose — and keep off — those 10, 20 or even 50 plus pounds that are holding you back from a healthy life.

3. Never dread exercise again. Tailor your exercise to the way you really live and work, so you can get results without being a slave to the gym.

4. Make it easy. The dozens of checklists, goal worksheets and real-life success stories in this book will keep you motivated to make smart decisions, even on the busiest days.

On the Joslin’s Why WAIT? program:
  • You’ll never go hungry.
  • You get to eat lots of delicious and nutritious food.
  • You’ll save $100 per month on average on your medications.
  • You can drink tasty, easy-to-make shakes for breakfast and lunch on hectic days.
  • You’ll actually fit into those skinny clothes you used to wear.
  • You’ll have excellent reasons to put your daily exercise at the top of your calendar.
  • You can eat carbs—even a healthy pasta dinner.
  • And much more!

  • So don’t settle for a diabetes diagnosis. Shed the pounds, toss the medications, and conquer your diabetes, once and for all!

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    The Diabetes Breakthrough: Table of Contents
    Introduction: Why WAIT? Lose Weight Now

    Part I: The Diabetes Solution

    Diabetes Breakthrough Overview
    Basics about Insulin, Blood Glucose, Calories, Exercise, Goal-Setting, and More

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 1
    Meal Plans, Logbooks, Exercise Barriers, and Stretching

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 2
    Medications and Weight Gain, Diabetes Pills, Servings Sizes, and Cross Training

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 3
    Portion Distortion, Resistance Training, and Newer Diabetes Medications

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 4
    Insulin Use, Circuit Training, and Delay and Distraction Techniques

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 5
    Blood Glucose Lows and Highs, Fitness Benefits, and Interval Training

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 6
    Diets and Dieting, Core Training, Yoga, and Changing Your Negative Thoughts

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 7
    Social Eating, Superset Training, and Becoming an Active Exerciser

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 8
    Body Core Exercises, Dining Out, and Managing Urges and Cravings

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 9
    Mental Stress, Deep Breathing, and Relaxation Exercises

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 10
    Mindful Eating, Sleep, and Balance and Agility Exercises

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 11
    Secrets of Successful Losers, the Importance of Exercise, and Lapse and Relapse

    Diabetes Breakthrough Week 12
    Your Personal Weight Maintenance Plan and Survival Tips for Down the Road

    Part II: The Diabetes Life Plan
    Diabetes Breakthrough to Lasting Weight Loss

    Appendix A: Breakfast Menu Choices and Examples
    Appendix B: Lunch Menu Exchanges and Recipes
    Appendix C: Dinner Menu Exchanges, Recipes, and Acceptable Frozen Dinners
    Appendix D: Joslin Diabetes Center Nutritional Guidelines
    Appendix E: Medication Algorithms for Your Health Care Provider

    Reviews of The Diabetes Breakthrough:

    "Hamdy, medical director of the obesity clinical program at Harvard Medical School—affiliated with the Joslin Diabetes Center—and author and exercise physiologist Colberg, share the center’s “Why WAIT” (Weight Achievement and Intensive Treatment) program in this detailed guide. The authors offer an overview of the plan and walk readers week-by-week through lifestyle, diet, and exercise recommendations. Hamdy and Colberg claim that the clinical program (this is a home-based version) resulted in participants cutting their diabetes meds by 50-60%; 21% were able to stop insulin treatments by the close of the program. In one key chapter, they point out that some diabetes medications actually cause weight gain, and give readers the tools to talk with their health-care providers about choosing weight-friendly alternative medications. In conjunction with exercising four to six days a week, the diet focuses on healthy foods to help manage blood glucose levels while losing weight and maintaining muscle mass. With type 2 diabetes on the rise, this guide will be a welcome addition to the at-home libraries of those ready and willing to commit to diet and lifestyle changes."
    Publisher's Weekly magazine, February 17, 2014 review

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