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Science of Staying Young

The Science of Staying Young
McGraw-Hill, 2007

Co-authored by John Morley, MD, and Sheri Colberg, PhD

An essential book for "baby boomers" or anyone in search of optimal vitality, energy, youthfulness, and quality of life--at any age!

This book is the first to offer "baby boomers" of all ages an innovative approach to both feeling better and living well for longer. Instead of making unsupported claims about reversing the aging process with "miraculous" cures (which, to date, remains impossible for medical science or even complementary medicine to do), this book integrates scientifically proven means to make you biologically younger than your current age using an innovative, easy-to-follow 10-step program for slowing aging that anyone of any age can use to begin to see immediate results, followed by more delayed lifelong benefits over the ensuing months and years.

Written by Dr. John E. Morley, a renowned aging expert, and Sheri Colberg, a PhD in exercise physiology and author of books on fitness, exercise, and diabetes, this book embodies Dr. Morley's research on aging, testosterone, and disease management and Dr. Colberg's professional experience in exercise science, nutrition, and diabetes control to create an invaluable resource that will appeal to anyone interested in learning how to age gracefully and successfully by living in a healthier body throughout your lifetime -- starting today!

The Science of Staying Young: Table of Contents

Introduction: Start on the Steps to Successful Aging

Step 1: Consume Fish, Alcohol, and More
Step 2: Exercise for the Elixir of Eternal Youth
Step 3: Find the Hormonal Fountain of Youth
Step 4: Stay Active for a Sharper Mind
Step 5: Maintain a Stable Weight
Step 6: Love Your Health Heart
Step 7: Keep Cancer at Bay
Step 8: Thicken Up Your Bones
Step 9: Remain on Your Feet
Step 10: Keep an Eye on Prevention

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Future

Read more about the BeneVia Advantage version of this book.

Reviews of The Science of Staying Young:

”We are the first generation that can remain active mentally and physically throughout our lives. The book can enable you to live a productive life whatever your age.”
Henry J. Heimlich, M.D. (of "Heimlich maneuver" fame)

Read a review of this book in the South Side Journal.

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